Monday, 19 March 2012

Peyton Manning Chooses Denver Broncos, Tebow Will Be Traded

After a couple of crazy weeks of the media following Peyton Manning around America, we finally have an answer for where he's going. Manning will be signing a contract with the Denver Broncos. The details on the signing haven't been released, but we could imagine that the Broncos will be paying a high price for Peyton Manning to sign on. A question many have aside from the details of that trade, will be what is to become of Tim Tebow, after Tebowmania captivated Denver and rallied them into the 2011/2012 playoffs.

Tim Tebow will be traded away. Where, we could only speculate currently, but there are many venues that Tebowmania could land and find a new home in. The Jacksonville Jaguars are after a new QB, and know of Tebows' college fame from a nearby University of Florida. Currently, the Jaguars have former Dolphins QB Chad Henne locked into a $6.75 Million two-year contract, with Blaine Gabbert in hang.

The Cleveland Browns are in the hunt for a great QuarterBack as well, and have the salary cap room to do it without a problem. Other teams in the running for moving QB's are Miami Dolphins and San Francisco 49ers. Manning was rumored to have meetings with both teams, but went away faster than his visit with Tennessee, who still have veteran Matt Hasselbeck in the QB starting spot.

With Manning choosing the Broncos over the 49ers now, Alex Smith may decide to stay at starting QB in San Francisco. The other alternative is that he moves on after they were willing to dump him for Manning. Alex Smith was the first-round draft pick overall in 2005, and led the 49ers to their best season in as many years to a 13-3 record, and into the SuperBowl (even though they lost). There is no question that Alex Smith will find a decent paycheck outside of San Francisco if he chooses.

We should likely start hearing of these Quarterback moves as the month progresses and rosters are given a shake up in preparation for Spring training into the 2012/2013 NFL season.

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