Sunday, 5 February 2012

Super Bowl Sunday Stats from NFL (Infographic)

This Sunday February 5th 2012, the two best teams in the National Football League will do battle on the grid iron to win the most sought after trophy in American Football. At Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, The New England Patriots will go against the New York Giants, with Tom Brady and Eli Manning leading their respective teams' charge against the other. It's the biggest day in American Sports, so it goes without saying that many take it their Super Bowl parties seriously. The NFL knows this, and has put together a great infographic letting us know just how big this event is, and what is mostly associated with it.

There's a lot to look at for stats, usually the ones we hear about are how many viewers watched the big game. The NFL expects 61 million American viewers this year for Super Bowl XLVI. On average, 17 people will make up most Super Bowl parties. Out of those 61 million Americans, 40% of them are watching, but are not football fans, 25% are women, and only 5% are watching the game alone. If you know of anyone watching the game alone, why not invite them over? You can be a part of sharing the 100 million lbs of chicken wings expected to be consumed during the game. There's a few more alarming stats as well, such as 53.5 million lbs of Avocados will be used for guacamole, which happens to be enough to spread over a football field with a depth of 11.8 ft.

Click the source link below to have a look at the full infographic, it's worth it!

Source - NFL
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